The Story of Pangu

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In Chinese mythology heaven and earth were integrated into one body that is just like an egg. And in the “egg” Pangu slept for thousands of years.

Then one day he woke up and found that he was in totally dark. Pangu is giant and strong with great power. Therefore, he stretched his huge hands and feet. After a hard struggle, the heaven and the earth started to split. He feared that the heaven and the earth got integrated into one body again. So he decided to hold the heaven with his hands and feet. And his hands and feet become four great mountains which connect the heaven and the earth.

Pangu gradually weakened after he separated the heaven and the earth. One day he died, but his story doesn’t end. After his death, his body turned into all the things in the universe. His left eye became the sun and his right eye became the moon. The protruded parts in his body turn out to be mountains and his blood became rivers. His muscle became the soil field, and his hair and beard became the trees and grasses on the ground. His teeth and bones turned out to be iron and huge stone while the essence in his body became pearls and precious jade. His breath became the wind and cloud, his shout became the thunderbolt, and the sweat turned out to be the rain. He turned all he had to make a world.

The myth of Pangu was pervasively spread among the southern ethnic minorities long long ago. Both of the Miao and Yao people took Pangu as their ancestors. So far, the Zhuang people are still singing “Song about Pangu Creating the Heaven and Earth” to memorize this great character. From historical record and oral tales, we can detect the evolution trace of the myth of Pangu in the process of spreading. Pangu split the heaven and the earth, seeded all the things in the universe and turned into the heaven and the earth. He is not only the god that created the world but also the hero who broke darkness and sought brightness. Pangu will forever remain living in the minds of the Chinese people generation after generation.

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